Tsukiji machiya demolished

The traditional machiya-style townhouse in Tsukiji we featured back in February 2019 when it was listed for sale, has, sadly, been demolished. It will be replaced with a 5-story hotel covering the adjoining vacant lots. Completion is scheduled for February 2021.

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160-yr old home to be donated to city

The owner of a home near Lake Biwa is donating the property to Nagahama City. The Shimosaka Residence was built in the mid-1800s, while the earthen embankments and canals within the property are thought to date from the 1400 ~ 1500s. The property also includes a family Buddhist temple dating from the 1700s.

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150+ year old tea house discovered in Kyoto backyard

Left: A current image of the tea house (via the Kyoto Shimbun). Right: An early photograph of the tea house supplied by Okubo’s great-grandchild.

A tea house that once belonged to Okubo Toshimichi (1830-1878) has narrowly escaped demolition in Kyoto. The owner has temporarily suspended demolition while the tea house is carefully dismantled and stored. Due to its historical significance, Kyoto City is considering potential ways to relocate and reconstruct it.

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Traditional merchant residence in Gifu to be converted into boutique hotel

Work is well underway on the conversion of a historic and traditional residence in Gifu into a boutique hotel. The former Matsuhisa Residence was built 100 years ago by the operator of a successful wholesaler of Japanese paper materials. The residence was designed to accommodate guests and customers during the Meiji and Taisho eras. The two-story sukiya-style wooden house with tiled roof has a total of 12 tatami rooms, a tea room, and four warehouses. The buildings sit on 2400 sqm of land.

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