2020 Office supply in Tokyo reaches 2nd highest level in history

According to a report published by Mori Building on May 25, a total of 1.87 million square meters (approx. 20 million sq.ft) of new office space is expected to be supplied in Tokyo’s 23 wards in 2020. This is the second-highest level seen since the company began collecting data in 1987. Despite the large supply, most of the new office space is already leased.

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Nationwide average apartment price drops for first time since 2012

According to the Real Estate Transaction Promotion Center, the average sale price of an existing apartment sold across Japan in April was 25,400,000 Yen, down 9.03% from last year. The average sale price per square meter was 385,200 Yen, down 8.76% from 2019. This is the first time since September 2012 to see a year-on-year drop in prices.

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New apartment sales in Tokyo reach 47-year low

According to the Real Estate Economic Institute, the number of new apartments released for sale across greater Tokyo in April reached the lowest level seen since the Institute began collecting data in 1973. As developers shuttered salesrooms following the declaration of the state of emergency in mid-April, new home sales have stalled. Just 686 apartments were released for sale, down 68.0% from the previous month and down 51.7% from last year. A new record low is expected in May with the Institute forecasting a supply of 500 apartments.

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Japan hotel bankruptcies top 25 in April

According to Tokyo Shoko Research, there were 25 bankruptcies in the hotel industry in the month of April. 60% of those were said to be directly related to the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. This is a steep increase from the 2 bankruptcies reported in April 2019, and not far from the record high of 29 seen in May 2011 (following the Tohoku disaster).

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Real estate company offers financial support for struggling homeowners

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Listed real estate developer and home-builder KI-STAR Real Estate Co., Ltd. has started offering cash payments to home-owners who are struggling to make mortgage repayments amidst the coronavirus crisis. This support program said to be the first of its kind in Japan’s real estate industry.

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Apartment transactions record biggest drop in 30+ years

As expected, transactions of second-hand apartments for the month of April have plummeted as buying activity sours during the coronavirus pandemic and state of emergency. A total of 1,629 apartments were reported to have sold across greater Tokyo in April, down 55.3% from the previous month and down 52.6% from last year. This is the biggest decline seen since REINS began recording data in May 1990.

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