Abandoned hotel worries worsen in Nikko

Several dangerously dilapidated and abandoned hotels in Nikko’s Kinugawa onsen district have the city concerned. 

The city has identified 16 abandoned hotels and ryokans in need of action. Three hotels have fallen into a dangerous level of disrepair, with the owners nowhere to be found. The 8 and 10-story concrete buildings are located on cliffside land between Kinugawa River and the national highway and have been closed for 10 ~ 20 years.

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Our Japan Property Market Report for 2021

2021 saw much of the country in a state or semi-state of emergency for most of the year. Nevertheless, the Nikkei stock index ended the year at the highest level seen since 1989. The real estate market also steamed ahead as buyers appeared to be unfazed by the pandemic.  For most sectors of the real estate market, conditions remained somewhat similar to 2020. Residential prices continued to rise as inventory dwindled. Rental prices diverged as larger apartments saw rents rise while smaller studios saw rents fall.

Please feel free to view or download the PDF of our annual Japan Property Market Report, linked below.

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What’s an appropriate amount to pay for apartment repair fund fees?

When you own an apartment in Japan you, along with the other apartment owners in the building, will pay monthly fees each month that go into the building’s repair reserve fund. These fees go towards periodic maintenance and repairs of the common structure of the building. Some buildings have high fees, while others have low fees. What’s the reasoning and what is a reasonable amount to expect?

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