MUJI converts 100-yr old farmhouse into holiday rental

Home goods retailer MUJI’s operating company Ryohin Keikaku has converted a traditional kominka farmhouse into a short-term stay. Muji Base Kamogawa is the first of the Muji Base-branded accommodations targeting vacant ‘akiya’ and can be found on AirBnb.Read more

Aldo Rossi-designed hotel sold

A long-closed Aldo Rossi-designed hotel in Osaka has been sold. According to the Nikkei Real Estate Market Report, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Panasonic Finance acquired the closed hotel late last year.Read more

TSMC building rental housing in Kumamoto

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) is developing staff housing in Kumamoto Prefecture in preparation for the expansion of its factory operations. With its plant expected to open in December 2024, the company is expecting to bring in 600 people, including staff and their families.Read more

MUJI to sell Ikebukuro head office

On July 26, the operator of home goods retailer MUJI announced the planned sale of its head office building in Ikebukuro. The company, Ryohin Keikaku, did not comment on the scale of the profit from the sale.Read more

Larger apartments seeing greater rent increases than smaller studios

Changes in rental prices in greater Tokyo are not uniform, with larger apartments now outperforming smaller, single-occupant housing. This is happening for a few reasons.Read more

Semiconductor manufacturer expanding land acquisitions in Kumamoto

Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing (JASM), a subsidiary of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), is acquiring more land adjoining its semiconductor factory currently under construction in Kumamoto, according to TBS News.Read more

51-yr old building in Tsukiji transacts for high price

A developer has paid an assumed 17.5 billion Yen (US$125 million) for a 51-year old office building in Tsukiji. The new owner plans to demolish the Shin Hanwa Building and redevelop the site.Read more

Same-day sell out in Harumi Flag high-rises

Apartments in the two high-rise towers in Harumi Flag went on sale earlier this month. A total of 8,790 purchase applications were made on the 573 apartments released for sale, with an average of 15.3 applications per apartment. Lucky buyers were selected via a raffle system.Read more

Invincible to acquire six hotels for 57 billion Yen

Invincible Investment Corporation is acquiring six hotels and resorts across Japan for 57.23 billion Yen (US$410.5 million). The hotels contain a total of 1,027 rooms, and provide an estimated NOI of 5.9%.Read more

Two buildings to be redeveloped in Akasaka

Sekisui House has emerged as the buyer of an approximate 70% share in two properties in Akasaka. The seller was JDC Corporation.Read more