Gap between studio and larger apartment rental market widens

There is a growing divide in the rental market between the small studio-type and larger family-type apartments in Japan’s major centers. Based on the latest data for the month of March, the gap is widening with larger rental apartments seeing double-digit y-o-y growth in some cities. But is this rental growth reflecting an actual increase in tenant budgets or are landlords just hiking up advertised rents? Let's take a look.Read more

Railway company embarks on first student accommodation project

With the coming relocation of a university campus and expectations of a rise in tenant demand, one railway company in west Japan has embarked on its first student housing project. The student rental building will be a 4-minute walk to the new campus and a 9-minute walk to Takamatsu Station.Read more

Slim pickings for large apartments in Tokyo

Small housing options continue to dominate Tokyo's rental supply, while larger ones remain a rare find. In the 23 wards, 93% of rental apartment listings are under 60 m2 (645 sq.ft) in size and just 0.7% are over 100 m2 (1,076 sq.ft) in size. Read more

Rents fors larger apartments reach record high in January

Advertised apartment rents in Tokyo have been on a noticeable increase since around mid-2022, but it’s the larger apartments that have been seeing the highest rate of rental growth.Read more

Thinking of converting multi-family to short-term furnished rentals?

With cap rates on some multi-family buildings in Tokyo now in the 3% range, furnished or short-term say rentals in Tokyo are an appealing tactic for investors looking to squeeze out some higher rents. We have sourced a few of these options recently that are available for purchase while still under construction.Read more

Domestic REIT acquires multi-family portfolio at 3.7% cap rate

Japan Metropolitan Fund Investment Corporation (JMF) is acquiring the trust beneficiary rights to four rental apartment buildings in Tokyo for 9.5 billion Yen (approx. US$63 million), with an appraised net yield averaging 3.7%.Read more

Ebisu apartment rental offers Tesla car sharing

Landlords continue to get creative with their rental properties with one in Ebisu offering a Tesla car share for residents. A Tesla Model Y will be available for rental to the building’s residents from April.Read more