Historic home in Kagoshima finds new owner

A local equipment leasing company has stepped in and saved a historic home in Kagoshima from demolition. The former Fujitake Residence had been owned and operated by the Kagoshima Prefecture Education Center Preservation Foundation since 1960 and used as a staff dormitory. The foundation was no longer using the home and struggling with maintenance costs. Read more

Heritage-listed house in Hokkaido hits the market

An historic merchant house in Hokkaido has apparently been listed for sale for just 30 million Yen (US$210,000). The heritage-listed Yokoyama Residence was built in the 1860s and later.

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Historic home in Kagoshima to be demolished

A historic and heritage-listed home in Kagoshima City will be demolished by the end of this year after a six-year attempt to save it.

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The last Dojunkai house of Ogikubo to be demolished

A traditional Japanese home north of Ogikubo Station will ultimately be demolished as the owner prepares to sell to a real estate developer. The single-family home and garden will be replaced with five new houses.

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In Kanazawa, 100 historic townhouses are demolished each year

Some of the offerings via the Kanazawa Machiya Information Center.

The historic merchant city of Kanazawa is seeing as many as 100 of its historic machiya-style townhouses demolished each year. And while there are efforts underway to preserve as many homes as possible, there are still some high hurdles that remain.

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Historic home in Kyoto donated to university

The former home of noted theoretical physicist and Nobel laureate Hideki Yukawa (1907-1981) has been donated to Kyoto University.

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Historic villa in Kyoto sold last month

A Kyoto-based asset management and real estate company acquired a historic ryotei-style restaurant in the city’s Higashiyama district in July.

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