Apartment rent falls again in November

According to Tokyo Kantei, the average apartment rent in Japan's three largest cities fell again in November.

In greater Tokyo, the average monthly rent fell 0.7% from the previous month to 2533 Yen/sqm. This is the fourth month of continual decline. In Tokyo City, rent fell by 0.6% to 2924 Yen/sqm.  Kanagawa Prefecture saw the average monthly rent rise by 1.1% to 2044 Yen/sqm.Read more

Compact Living in Tokyo

With typically high rents, tiny, cramped apartments are plentiful in Tokyo and there is no shortage of tenants looking for smaller, affordable accommodation. There is a boom in 'one-room', or studio apartments, as more and more young people move closer to Tokyo for work. Limited space has led to some creative designs, and this apartment building in Tsukiji called "CT7165" is no exception.Read more

Tokyo apartment rent falls to lowest level in 4 years

According to Tokyo Kantei, the average rent for an apartment in greater Tokyo for the month of September fell 0.1% to 2578 Yen per square meter. In Tokyo's 23 wards, the average rent remained unchanged at 3,038 Yen/sqm, but is down 3.1% from September, 2010, and is currently at the lowest level seen in over 4 years. The average rent fell 0.2% in Kanagawa, 0.8% in Chiba and 2.6% in Saitama with Saitama City recording a fall of 4.2% from the month before. The aging apartment buildings in the City's Chuo and Urawa wards contributed to the decline.Read more

Steps towards reducing discrimination against foreign tenants

Many foreigners may have experienced some kind of discrimination when trying to rent an apartment in Japan. Landlords not only discriminate against foreign residents, but also the elderly, disabled and even families with small children.

Hyogo Prefecture, has introduced a new relief system for rental housing that targets the elderly and foreigners who are frequently turned down by landlords when trying to rent an apartment.Read more

Prices of large apartments in Tokyo fall in second half of 2011

The Japan Real Estate Institute (JREI) published their "Residential Market Index" report on price movements for apartments in Tokyo's 23 wards for the first half of 2011.Read more

The demise of security deposits and key money

Good news for tenants and bad news for landlords in Japan: A change in the traditional transaction customs in the residential and commercial rental market in Japan is underway which is putting more power on the tenants' side.

The various fees usually paid by a tenant such as security deposits (shikikin) and key money (reikin) are decreasing.  Japan's declining birth rates, decreasing population, oversupply of housing and the growing awareness of consumer rights have put an end to the era where landlords once held all of the power.Read more

Kobe's oldest foreign residence for rent

Rent: 1,260,000 Yen/month
Size: 192.71 sqm

Built in the late 1880s / early 1890s, this is said to be the oldest ijinkan in Kobe. Ijinkan is the name for the Western style residences built mostly for early foreign settlers during the end of the Shogunate and the Meiji era. Kobe is known for its collection of old Western residences and many in the Kitano area are open to the public as tourist attractions.Read more