63% of Japanese apartment owners would rent to immigrants

First Logic conducted a recent survey of apartment owners to find out their opinions on recent government discussions about increasing the number of immigrants in Japan.

81% responded in favor of immigration. Of those, 63% said they would rent their property to immigrants, while 18% said they would not.

When asked what the merits were for increased immigration, the top response was an increase in the workforce. This was followed by continued internationalization and an increase in demand for rental accommodation.

For demerits, the biggest concern was a worsening of public order, followed by an outbreak of multiracial problems and similar immigration problems faced by West European countries.

Respondents said the biggest risk to renting to foreign tenants is having the tenant bring in several other occupants after moving in. Other concerns were non-payment of rent, not being able to attract Japanese tenants to neighboring apartments and the destruction of building facilities.

30% of the respondents said they had rented their properties to foreign tenants in the past.

Source: The Asahi Shimbun, March 13, 2012.

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