Modernist building by Togo Murano to be demolished

Demolition of a 55-year old office building designed by modernist architect Togo Murano will start in June. The demolition process is expected to take 12 months, with a new building to be completed by 2025.

Construction on the Yaesu Dai Building began in December 1964, just a few months after the 1964 Summer Olympics, with the building completed by August 1967. It was a recipient of the 10th Building Contractors Society Award in 1969. The 9-story building has a total floorspace of 26,000 sqm and sits on a 1,949 sqm site with direct access to Tokyo Station. The rooftop has a 900 sqm garden with around 1,000 trees and plants. 

It was originally named the Osaka Building (Yaesu-guchi), and renamed Yaesu Osaka Building in 1984. The name was changed a final time to Yaesu Dai Building in 1989. The developer was Daibiru Corporation (previously called Osaka Tatemono), an Osaka-based developer and landlord. 

The first Tokyo-based project by Daibiru was the Hibiya Dai Building completed in 1927. That Romanesque Revival-style building was demolished in 1986 and replaced with a new office tower in 1989. The developer’s first building was completed in 1925 in Osaka’s Nakanoshima district. It was demolished in 2009.

Murano had previously been hired to design the Shin Dai Building in Osaka in 1958. That building was demolished in 2010 and replaced with one over 4 times as tall. Completed in 1976, the Kojimachi Dai Building in Tokyo was another of Murano’s designs. Luckily it is still standing and leased to an apparel-related tenant who wanted an iconic modernist office space. 

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