Historic Gakushi Kaikan to be partially demolished

Demolition of half of the historic Gakushi Kaikan (学士会館) will start in 2025. The property was built in the 1920s and 1930s as club facilities for graduates of several national universities, and registered as a National Tangible Cultural Property in 2003.Read more

Modernist theatre demolition delayed due to rising construction costs

Rising construction costs might have granted the National Theatre an inadvertent temporary reprieve of demolition. The 57-year old modernist building was scheduled to meet with the wrecking ball sometime after the end of October.Read more

Wakayama demolishing abandoned hotel

A long-abandoned hotel in Japan’s Amalfi is being forcibly demolished by the city government in response to complaints from local residents. Located on a cliffside position, the former Taikobo Hotel overlooks the Saikazaki Fishing Harbor on Wakayama City’s coastal area.Read more

Historic Osaka office building demolished and sold to developer

A landmark heritage building alongside Dojima River in Osaka is under demolition by a local developer. Demolition started in April 2023 with completion expected by late October.Read more

Demolition starts on 56-yr old building in Akasaka

Demolition of the 56-year old Sankaido Building near the US Embassy will start this month. The building is making way for a new redevelopment project by Norin Suisan Shoreikai and construction giant Kajima Corporation.Read more

10 billion Yen hotel demolished in Hamamatsu

A hotel that was built at a cost of 10 billion Yen during the bubble era in the 1980s has been demolished. This was around US$70 million in those days, using the currency conversion rate in 1987 of 1 USD : 144 Yen.Read more

Two buildings to be redeveloped in Akasaka

Sekisui House has emerged as the buyer of an approximate 70% share in two properties in Akasaka. The seller was JDC Corporation.Read more