3480 homes completely destroyed in Kanto area following Tohoku disaster

An investigation by the Tokyo Shimbun has found that as many as 3480 homes in the Kanto area were completely destroyed in the Tohoku disaster. A further 2815 homes were partially destroyed and will need to be demolished. In some areas, the number of partially destroyed homes equalled the number that were completely destroyed.

Homeowners may be eligible to receive a maximum of 3 million Yen as compensation, but high construction costs mean that very few homes are being rebuilt. It has been almost 11 months since the disaster and the full extent of the damage is only now coming to the surface.

The data covers homes in Tokyo city and the six nearby prefectures. The prefecture with the most damage was Ibaraki where 2063 homes were completely destroyed and  1972 were partially destroyed and will be demolished. In Tokyo city, two homes were partially destroyed and will be, or have been, demolished. There were no reports of complete or partial damage from homes in Gunma or Kanagawa.

There were also cases of houses on land that had suffered from liquefaction which caused the house to lean. Repairing and re-strengthening the land and foundations following liquefaction is very costly.

Owners of homes that have been partially destroyed are dealing with the many of the same financial and psychological stresses as those whose homes have been completely destroyed.

Liquefaction immediately following the Tohoku earthquake left this house with a permanent lean.

Source: The Tokyo Shimbun, February 6, 2011.

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