Locals oppose children’s welfare center in Omotesando

Minato’s local government is facing strong opposition from residents opposed to a children’s welfare center planned in the Minami Aoyama address. The dispute centers around a prime plot of land located in Minami Aoyama 5 Chome, just down the street from Omotesando’s Prada Boutique. The 3,200 sqm block of vacant land was previously home to the Minami Aoyama Kaikan Hall which was demolished in early 2016.

1 in 5 apartments in Toyosu was listed for sale in the past 12 months

Over the past 12 months, Toyosu Station on the manmade island of Toyosu in Tokyo Bay has seen the highest number of apartments listed for resale in the greater Tokyo region. According to Tokyo Kantei, there have been 3,720 apartments listed for resale in the vicinity of this station accounting for 22.7% of the total apartment stock in the neighborhood. The average apartment age was 11.3 years.

Sales details announced for new apartments at Athlete’s Village

Official sales marketing for the Athlete’s Village in Tokyo’s Harumi Island was announced last week. The Athlete’s Village will be completed in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, with the buildings to be converted into a mix of condo-type and rental-type apartments afterwards. Some additional buildings will be completed after the Olympics have finished.