Historic 84-year old apartment building in Chuo-ku under demolition

Images via http://blog.goo.ne.jp/asabata

The historic Shokin Apaato in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, is being demolished to make way for a 13-storey mixed-use office and residential building.

Shokin Apaato was built in 1931, around the same time as the Dojunkai apartments. The 5-storey, reinforced concrete building was occupied by tenants up until 2013. The owner decided to rebuild as the building does not meet earthquake-resistant standards and has become too costly to maintain.

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Chuo-ku facing challenging road to Olympics

The bayside area in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, including Kachidoki and Harumi, is seeing a surge in development and high demand from buyers following the Olympic announcement several months ago. But there are concerns that the current infrastructure may not cope with the rising population, which is expected to grow by 30% in coming years.

Large supply of apartments in the pipeline

Developers are now racing ahead to build new condominiums in bayside sites that had previously laid dormant for several decades.

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Sumitomo announces new high-rises for Harumi

Sumitomo have announced the name of their high-rise condominium project in Harumi, Chuo-ku. ‘Deux Tours Canal & Spa’ will be two 51-storey residential towers with 1,450 apartments.

The 1 ~ 4-bedroom apartments will range in size from 44.67 to 123.77 sqm (480 ~ 1331 sqft). Sales are scheduled to begin at the end of November 2013. The buildings will be complete in September 2015, and ready to move-into by March 2016.

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