A look at the demolition of the Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka

The demolition of the 140m tall Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka is underway with the building now standing at three-quarters of its original height. 

The work is being carried out by a joint venture between Taisei Corporation and Seibu Construction using the 'Taisei Ecological Reproduction System' (Teco-Rep System).  Assistant Director of Taisei's Construction Engineering Development Department, Mr. Hideki Ichihara, explains the process:Read more

Thai property developer buys Hokkaido ski resort

Thai property developer Property Perfect has invested 770 million baht (approximately 1.9 billion Yen, or 24 million USD) in the takeover of the relatively unknown Kiroro Ski Resort, 43km west of Sapporo, from Mitsui Real Estate.Read more

Eviction orders for Gamagori hotel

The Toyohashi branch of the Nagoya District Court has issued an eviction order to the religious organization that is using the former Gamagori Fukinuki Sightseeing Hotel in Miyacho, Gamagori City. The court is ordering the land to be returned to its owner (Miyacho) and the building to be demolished.

The original hotel opened in 1939 and has undergone many alterations and extensions over the years. During its prime, the hotel was Miyacho's leading hot spring resort. However, in 1998 the hotel filed for bankruptcy with debts over 3 billion Yen. It was later put up for public auction with a minimum bid of 956 million Yen. A buddhist organization purchased the building, but not the land, from Miyacho in 2004 and were charged an annual land rent of 3.8 million Yen. They demolished several buildings and refurbished the main hotel which had previously been damaged by fire.Read more

Asia's wealthy head to Niseko

  • Luxury apartment and hotel boom
  • Turning into a world-renowned resort area

Hokkaido's Niseko and Kutchan area is seeing a rush of luxury apartment and hotel developments. Known for its perfect skiing conditions, many Australians had purchased ski chalets and vacation homes in the town. The recent development boom, however, has been spurred on by Asia's wealthy investors and developers.Read more

Shiba Park Hotel to demolish north building

Shiba Park Hotel will be demolishing the main north building. Demolition work is being carried out by Ando Corporation and is expected to be completed by the end of June 2012.

The north building is 8 stories and has a total floorspace of 2891 sqm. The hotel was opened in 1949 and has 391 rooms.

Source: The Kentsu Shimbun, February 20, 2012.

Historic Niigata ryokan declares bankruptcy

The Kihachiya Ryokan in Sado City, Niigata, has entered into bankruptcy proceedings and may be forced to sell their hotel. According to Teikoku Databank, Kihachiya Ryokan has debts of 560 million Yen.Read more

Six hotels demand compensation from TEPCO

Six hotels in Akita Prefecture are seeking a total of 12.8 million Yen (166,000 USD) in compensation from TEPCO. The hotels claim that the nuclear power plant disaster has led to cancellations from foreign visitors, which has reduced their operating revenue.

The hotels are part of the Akita Prefecture Ryokan Association. The Association submitted the claim for compensation to TEPCO on their behalf. The claim by each hotel ranges from 120,000 to 5,200,000 Yen.Read more

Singaporean investment fund buys hotel in Okinawa

Singaporean investment fund RECAP (Real Estate Capital Asia Partners) has purchased the CSK Tsubogawa Hotel in Naha City, Okinawa, for an undisclosed sum.

The business hotel was scheduled to open in 2009 but the former owner, CSK Holdings, fell into financial difficulties. Although construction was complete, the hotel never opened. The former owner also built an office building on the adjoining site in 2009, which also remains empty.Read more

Hotel Suigo in Ibaraki to be demolished due to earthquake damage

The Suigo hotel in Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki, will be demolished after it sustained damage in the March 11 Tohoku earthquake. Suigo is a local government operated hotel which offers low-cost accommodation. These type of lodgings are called "kokumin shukusha".Read more

Foreign fund sells Sendai hotel

A business hotel developer and operator called Shogetsu Sangyo announced that they have purchased Hotel Hokke Club Sendai from a foreign fund.Read more