Tokyo office market showing further signs of slowing

Data provided by Miki Shoji

The central Tokyo office building market is stagnating. At the end of November, the office vacancy rate for Tokyo's central 5 wards (Chiyoda, Chuo, Minato, Shinjuku and Shibuya) reached 8.90%. This is the second continuous month with an increase in vacancy rates and the first time since April, 2011, that rates had reached this level. Meanwhile, the average office rent for central Tokyo has declined for the 39th continuous month.

With the Euro crisis and strong Yen, there is a deceleration in demand from tenants with many companies being more prudent and delaying moving. The demand for buildings with high disaster preparedness and earthquake resistance has slowed.Read more

Mitsubishi Estate sells Akasaka Park Bldg

On November 15, 2011, Japan Real Estate Investment Corporation purchased Akasaka Park Building and land for 60.8 billion Yen (779 million USD). The seller was Mitsubishi Estate. The building had an appraised value of 62.5 billion Yen in October, 2011.

The buyer believes that the image of Akasaka has improved over the years, particularly with the development of Akasaka Sacas just behind the building, and are expecting diversified demand from tenants into the future.

Akasaka Park Building was completed in 1993. The 30-storey building has a total floor space of approximately 97,317 sqm and a standard floor area of 2033 sqm. The total size of the land under the building is 14,198.20 sqm.Read more

US-based firm acquires two Omotesando buildings

Elliott Management, a US-based fund management firm, has acquired two buildings in prime locations just across the street from Omotesando Hills.

(1) 21st SY Building (fronting Omotesando Avenue and next to the Emporio Armani boutique). The 6-storey building is on a 360 sqm block of land. The 2011 assessed land value (koji-chika) for this site was 9,300,000 Yen/sqm.Read more

Akasaka Prince Hotel Redevelopment Plans Announced

Akasaka Prince Hotel

Due to aging, increasing maintenance and competition from  foreign-owned hotels, the Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka will close in March, 2011 and will be demolished. Of the three buildings on the site, the oldest building dating from 1930 will be kept.

The current 139m 40-storey hotel was designed by Kenzo Tange and opened in 1983. It was hugely popular during the bubble, but lack of adequate maintenance and the introduction of foreign hotels to the market in the last decade has greatly reduced its appeal.Read more

Two large scale redevelopments for Minato-ku in 2011

Two large scale redevelopment projects in Minato-ku are about to commence in 2011.

Sumitomo Realty & Development are planning for their "Roppongi 3 Chome East District Redevelopment" project. The total development size will be 200,000sqm (2,152,000 sqft).

Meanwhile, Kowa Real Estate are planning their "Akasaka 1 Chome District Redevelopment" project with a total area of 170,000sqm (1,829,200 sqft).Read more