AtHome conducted a nationwide survey of renters in their 20s to find out what they’re looking for when renting an apartment.

56.7% of salaried workers are looking for studios (41.5% are looking for ‘1K’ type studios where the kitchen is separated by a door and 15.3% are looking for the all-in-one ‘one room’ studio). 17.2% are looking for a one bedroom apartment and 5.4% are looking for a two bedroom apartment.

79.1% are looking for a building less than 20 years old, and just 7.4% will consider something over 30 years old. 52.4% will only consider something built within the past 10 years.

The top preferences when considering an apartment are the layout / size (47 ~ 54% of respondents), building age, commute, natural light / air flow, distance from station, floor, and security. In terms of equipment, 65% of women want a toilet separate from the bath room vs. 44% of men. The separate toilet and bath is the most highly ranked preference for both. IH cooktops are the least important feature.

The use of social media as a tool when house hunting remains extremely low, with just 1.8% of women and 4.1% of men using Instagram as a search tool, and 1.1% of women and 2.6% of men using TikTok. LINE performed slightly better with around 6% using this app. The overwhelming tool of choice is the multiple-listing websites such as AtHome, Suumo etc, with between 65 ~ 72% of respondents using the websites and 39 ~ 44% using those websites’ apps.

An average of 11 apartments are looked at online and 3 apartments are inspected in person before making a decision.

Source; AtHome, November 30, 2023.