On August 29, Keikyu Corporation and East Japan Railway Company released details on the Shinagawa Station District Redevelopment Project that will see three buildings on a 3.3 hectare site on the western side of the station.

The three buildings will contain a gross floor area of 374,000 sqm (4 million sq.ft). Two of the buildings, containing office, retail, hotel and function rooms, will be 28 stories and approximately 150-meters tall. A third building containing office and retail will be 9 stories and 47-meters tall.

Construction is scheduled to take place between 2025 and 2036.

To the north of this project site is the Takanawa Gateway Project that will include four high-rises containing mostly office along with hotel, a residential tower with 350 apartments, international school, and cultural facilities. To the west is the 11.9-hectare site of the Grand Prince Hotel which received redevelopment approval this June. The project will initially see a 29-story office and hotel tower and 30-story office tower to be completed sometime by the late 2020s.

Source: Keikyu Corporation News Release, August 29, 2023.