Details of a 180-meter high-rise for the eastern side of Shibuya Station have been published by the Cabinet Office. The Miyamasuzaka District Redevelopment will see a 33-story office and hotel tower built on the northern side of Miyamasuzaka Street.

When it comes to luxury hotels, Shibuya has lagged behind other central districts in Tokyo. Typical hotel sizes in Shibuya are currently between 10 ~ 30 sqm and priced from 10,000 ~ 20,000 Yen/night. In Minato ward, internationally-branded hotel rooms are closer to 50 ~ 60 sqm in size and priced from 40,000 ~ 70,000 Yen/night. As a result, the Shibuya district has failed to draw in the same level of business travelers. 

A 60-meter tall, 7-story retail building will be built directly across the street, connected to the main tower by a pedestrian bridge extending over the street. The redevelopment project will also include the Miyamasu Mitake Shrine.

Construction is tentatively scheduled to start in 2024 with completion in 2028. The developers are Tokyu and Hulic.


Shibuya 1 Chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo