New mixed-use apartment building for Shibuya 1-Chome Address

A 14-story, 74.8-meter tall mixed-use building is planned for the former Mitake Park near Shibuya Station. This project will include a public square, retail, a multi-purpose hall, the Mitake arena for sporting events, and 26 rental apartments designed to attract creative folk and families.

This is the second stage of the Urban Renewal Step-Up Project. The first phase included the Shibuya Cast mixed-use building across the street. 

The 9,600 sqm of land will be leased under a 70-year fixed term to the developers, which include Hulic and Shimizu Corporation. Construction is expected to start in 2023 with completion by 2026. 


Shibuya 1-18 and 1-28, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Source: Impress Watch, March 29, 2022.

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