This article is intended only for sellers who are looking to dispose of their property very quickly.

Selling real estate on the open market in Tokyo can typically take several months if the property is priced correctly. But, if you have bought into the wrong building or are trying to sell at the wrong time, it can take much longer – years even.

Real estate is illiquid and cannot be quickly traded like stocks. What if you need to sell in a hurry?

If you do need to make a quick sale, there are companies in Japan that are ready to purchase. Japan has its own versions of the “We Buy Houses” companies that are common in the US. The premise is the same – they can make quick all-cash offers to sellers who need to cash out urgently. We are frequently contacted by these companies looking to purchase and have established a network of trusted buyers.


  • Quick and easy sale
  • No contingencies
  • Buyers are professional and established companies with no need for financing
  • Tenanted properties may be ok (case-by-case)
  • Condition of the property usually doesn’t matter
  • Can get a serious offer within a few days


  • As a seller, you are not likely to get anywhere near the fair market price. The trade-off for a quick sale is a lower price.
  • These professional buyers may have to renovate or update the interior, take on the risk of having the property on the market for a long time, and, as they are licensed real estate brokers, provide the future buyer with a two-year warranty against defects. After all this, they still need to make a profit margin, which means they cannot pay anything close to the market value.
  • Locations may be limited to more urban centers.
  • Some companies prefer properties that have not been openly advertised for sale (case-by-case).

For sellers living overseas:

Given the recent limitations on international air travel, It may be possible for the sale procedures to be done via post and with a proxy, which means that you, as a seller, may not necessarily need to fly to Japan to sell your property.

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