287m tall high-rise planned for Nihonbashi

Details on the Nihonbashi 1 Chome Central District Redevelopment have been announced. The project will include a 287m tall high-rise with office, hotel and serviced apartments, as well as several low-rise retail, office and residential buildings.

The high-rise tower will be taller than Tokyo Midtown (248m), Toranomon Hills (247m) and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (242m), but shorter than the 390m tall tower planned for the Tokiwabashi Redevelopment Project located 300 meters to the west of the Nihonbashi site.

The project will also aim to utilize the Nihonbashi river with a promenade, as the overhead highway is expected to be shifted underground in the coming years.

The town planning decision is expected to be granted in January 2018. Construction will start in 2021 with completion sometime around 2025.

The major landholders in the project are Mitsui Fudosan and Nomura Real Estate. COREDO Nihonbashi (Nihonbashi 1 Chome Mitsui Building) will be updated as part of the development.

The project covers a 3.9 hectare site on the southern side of the Nihonbashi river. The site will be divided into four blocks:

  • Block A (1,370 sqm): 5-storey, 38m tall retail and office.
  • Block B (2,030 sqm): 7-storey, 28m tall retail and residential.
  • Block C (15,600 sqm): 51-storey, 287m tall mixed-use building with office, retail, hotel and serviced apartments.
  • Block D(5,600 sqm): Existing COREDO Nihonbashi building to be refurbished.

Block A includes the historic Nihonbashi Nomura Building (c1930) which will be preserved, while the boat dock will be extended.

This is the first of five redevelopment projects planned in the vicinity. Other redevelopment projects planned for the area near the Nihonbashi river include the Yaesu 1 Chome North District, Nihonbashi Muromachi 1 Chome District, Nihonbashi 1 Chome 1-2 Block District, and the Nihonbashi 1 Chome East District.

Source: The Kensetsu Tsushin Shimbun, July 24, 2017.

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