Shigira Resort Miyakojima 3

Hotel and restaurant operator Unimat Precious is planning a 3,400-room resort for Miyako-jima Island in Okinawa.  The project will be an extension to the resort they currently operate on Miyako-jima. When complete, it is said that this will become the largest hotel/resort in Japan.

Shigira Resort is currently comprised of four different hotels, villas and condominiums located on a 3.3 million sqm beachfront estate. In addition to the 585 rooms currently under operations, there is also a golf course and hot spring facilities.

The new hotel plans include a 42 meter tall hotel building which will require approval from the local government due to height controls in the area.

Completion of the 20 additional hotel buildings is scheduled for 2017, but with a nationwide shortage of construction labour, there are concerns that the project may take longer than initial estimates.

Shigira Resort Miyakojima 2

Shigira Resort Miyakojima 1

Source: Okinawa Times, December 10, 2015.