Kobe’s Jonas Residence to be torn down after sale falls through

Kobe Shioya Jonas ResidenceThe final bid to save the former Jonas Residence in Shioya, Kobe, from demolition has failed after the possible buyer backed out of discussions.

In late September a renewable energy-related company began negotiations with the seller – developer Anabuki Kosan – to purchase the historic house and land. Unfortunately the two parties could not come to an agreement on the sale price and the buyer walked away from the deal on October 10.

Anabuki had initially planned to demolish the 94-year old house in June and redevelop the site into a 12-storey apartment building. After some lobbying from local preservationists, demolition was postponed until October. Furthermore, Anabuki would consider selling the property for 360 million Yen if a buyer came forth.

Demolition work is scheduled to begin on October 25 and will be completed by the end of November. Efforts may be made to salvage some of the original building materials.

Kobe Shioya Jonas Residence Demolition
Demolition work in October. Image via the Kobe Shimbun.

Jonas Residence Kobe Demolition

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Source: The Kobe Shimbun, October 12, 2013.

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