New development in Kachidoki to have over 3,000 apartments

Kachidoki East District Redevelopment 1The proposed Kachidoki East District Development on the man-made island of Kachidoki in Tokyo Bay will have over 3,000 apartments when completed, making it the largest residential project in Japan.

The development includes three residential towers with a total of 3,020 apartments. This will be larger in scale than the nearby ‘The Tokyo Towers’ which has 2,794 apartments. 

The total land area is 37,000 sqm. The project is expected to be approved in June 2014.

The buildings include:

  • Tower A1 – 195m tall tri-star shaped residential tower with 1,660 apartments
  • Tower A2 – 165m tall residential tower with 860 apartments
  • Tower B – 106m tall residential tower with 500 apartments

Kachidoki East District Redevelopment 2

Other existing and planned apartment buildings in the nearby area include:

Kachidoki East District Redevelopment

^ A map showing shadows that may be cast by the new buildings (Click to enlarge).

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