A message from Minato City regarding the Tohoku Earthquake

On April 5, 2011, Minato City released the following bulletin:

Damage within Minato-ku as of March 12, 2011

Minato-ku experienced a Shindo level (seismic intensity scale) of lower 5 on March 11. The whole of Tokyo was reported to have a Shindo level of upper 5, but exact levels within Tokyo varied. Click here to read about the Japanese seismic scales.

  • Deaths/Injuries: No deaths or major/minor injuries were reported.
  • Building Damage: No buildings were completely destroyed, although 1 building was reported to be leaning after the quake.
  • Highways: Some cases of small road subsidence were reported
  • Transport: Japan Rail and the Metro subway systems had temporarily suspended operations.

Although this was not reported on the Minato City website, the man-made islands in the Konan area near Shinagawa Station experienced liquefaction (see Youtube video of the grounds of the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology immediately following the quake here).  Some Twitter users also reported leaning traffic lights in Shibaura.

Evacuation Centers in Minato-ku

On March 11, 55 evacuation points were opened in Minato-ku. At the peak time of 12.55AM on Saturday morning, 3,300 residents, many of whom had difficulty returning home, were using the facilities. By 6.30AM on March 12th, everyone had left the facilities and they were closed.

Minato City – Extend of damage in Minato City and the city’s response (in English)

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