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2021-09-25SOLDDemeure Minami Aoyama 6F
2021-09-24NEW LISTINGArk Hills Sengokuyama Residence 2-Bedroom
2021-09-24NEW LISTINGBranz The House Ichibancho 4F
2021-09-24PRICE REDUCTIONMinami-Magome 4 House
2021-09-24PRICE REDUCTIONHigashiazabu New Apartment Building
2021-09-23PRICE REDUCTIONHiroo Garden Hills South Hill 4F
2021-09-22NEW LISTINGMinamiazabu 3 House
2021-09-22PRICE REDUCTIONCity Tower Azabujuban 12F
2021-09-21PRICE REDUCTIONHigashiazabu 2 Land
2021-09-21PRICE REDUCTIONDomus Yoyogi Uehara 3F
2021-09-20NEW LISTINGUnible Ginza-Higashi Penthouse
2021-09-19PRICE REDUCTIONShibuya Eins 5F
2021-09-17NEW LISTINGThe Jingumae Residence 10F
2021-09-17PRICE REDUCTIONThe Westminster Roppongi 10F
2021-09-17NEW LISTINGWellith Arisugawa 4F
2021-09-15PRICE REDUCTIONProud Uehara 4F
2021-09-14PRICE REDUCTIONGeo Moto-Akasaka 12F
2021-09-14NEW LISTINGHarajuku Grand Hills 4F
2021-09-13UNDER OFFERProud Ebisu Hillside Garden 7F 80.64sqm
2021-09-12UNDER OFFERProud Ebisu Hillside Garden 7F
2021-09-12PRICE REDUCTIONVictoria Court West 2F
2021-09-12PRICE REDUCTIONMinamiaoyama 3 House
2021-09-12PRICE REDUCTIONImperial Omotesando 4F
2021-09-10NEW LISTINGShoto 2-11 Land
2021-09-10PRICE REDUCTIONTokiwamatsu House 5F
2021-09-10PRICE REDUCTIONShibuya Eins 3F