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2020-04-09PRICE REDUCTIONGrand Forme Minamiazabu II 3F
2020-04-06SOLDEbisu Garden Terrace 28F
2020-04-04PRICE REDUCTIONDomus Minamiazabu West 1F
2020-04-04NEW LISTINGPartir Ebisu 5F
2020-04-04PRICE REDUCTIONShuwa Takagicho Residence 6F
2020-04-04SOLDNerima House by Itsuko Hasegawa
2020-04-04SOLDDai 7 Kyutei Mansion 9F
2020-04-04SOLDPark Court Akasaka Hinokicho The Tower 6F
2020-04-04SOLDPalais Royal Minamiazabu 2F
2020-04-03PRICE REDUCTIONTokyu Doel Als Jingumae 3F
2020-04-02NEW LISTINGHigh Court Minami Aoyama 1F
2020-04-01PRICE REDUCTIONEbisu Garden Terrace 20F
2020-04-01UNDER OFFERFamille Grand Jingumae 3F
2020-03-21PRICE REDUCTIONBrillia Kagurazaka id 7F
2020-03-31PRICE REDUCTIONIchigaya Habitation 6F
2020-03-31SOLDSangenjaya House
2020-03-30PRICE REDUCTIONCity Tower Azabujuban Penthouse
2020-03-29NEW LISTINGYoyogi New Heights 5F
2020-03-29SOLDShinanomachi Heim 5F
2020-03-29SOLDStork Mansion Yoyogi 4F
2020-03-28PRICE REDUCTIONLaurel-i Ebisu Pias 9F
2020-03-28UNDER OFFERMinami Aoyama Terrace Tokiwamatsu Forest 5F
2020-03-27NEW LISTINGThe Court Jingu-Gaien 8F
2020-03-27SOLDHomat Concord 1F
2020-03-27PRICE REDUCTIONBrillia Takanawa Refir 5F
2020-03-26PRICE REDUCTIONLeCiel Daikanyama 4F
2020-03-26NEW LISTINGRoppongi Hills Residence A 5F
2020-03-26NEW LISTINGRoppongi Hills Residence D 4F
2020-03-26PRICE REDUCTIONBrillia Ichibancho 4F