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2021-10-17NEW LISTINGRoyal Season’s Nishiazabu 3F
2021-10-17PRICE REDUCTIONGeo Motoakasaka 12F
2021-10-17PRICE REDUCTIONShibuya Eins 5F
2021-10-17PRICE REDUCTIONForest Terrace Toriizaka 4F
2021-10-16PRICE REDUCTIONMajes Motoazabu Gardens 3F
2021-10-16PRICE REDUCTIONTerrace Shibuya Mitake 12F
2021-10-14SOLDThe Residence Hirakawacho 16F
2021-10-13NEW LISTINGDaikanyama Haus B1F
2021-10-13PRICE REDUCTIONNishiazabu 4 Land
2021-10-12NEW LISTINGFormer Geisha House in Shibuya
2021-10-12NEW LISTINGDaizawa 2 Land
2021-10-11UNDER OFFERProud Kamiyamacho Penthouse
2021-10-11PRICE REDUCTIONManor Nogizaka 7F
2021-10-10UNDER OFFERArisugawa Park Mansion Penthouse
2021-10-10NEW LISTINGDomus Hiroo 4F
2021-10-10NEW LISTINGArk Hills Sengokuyama Residence 7F
2021-10-08UNDER OFFERPark Court Akasaka Hinokicho The Tower 7F
2021-10-08SOLDMotoazabu 2 Land
2021-10-07SOLDUnible Ginza-Higashi Penthouse
2021-10-07PRICE REDUCTIONNishiazabu Concrete House
2021-10-07PRICE REDUCTIONMinami Aoyama 4 House
2021-10-05SOLDShimokitazawa Shophouse
2021-10-05PRICE REDUCTIONPark House Nishiazabu 1F
2021-10-04NEW LISTINGArk Hills Sengokuyama Terrace 2F
2021-10-04PRICE REDUCTIONShirokane House 2F