Sweden Hills, Hokkaido

Planning of the Sweden Hills neighborhood began in 1979 and construction started in 1984. The idea began after the Swedish Ambassador visited Tobetsu Town and remarked how similar the atmosphere and scenery was to his native Sweden. Tobetsu Town’s sister city is Leksand in Dalarna County, Sweden.

The neighborhood has no above-ground telephone or power poles and 2/3rds of the area is forest. A house and land can be purchased for as little as 17.8 million Yen (230,000 USD).

As of 2005, the town had 556 residents.

It is less than 30 km from the center of Sapporo City and 70km from the New Chitose Airport. The International Airport has direct flights to and from Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Taipei and Hong Kong, with round-trip tickets from as little as $440 out of Shanghai.

Activities & Facilities:
– Tennis Courts
– Parks
– Sweden Hills Country Club
– Lawson convenience store

Houses for Sale

There are several homes for sale on the secondary market, and there are also vacant blocks of freehold land available. When building a new house in this neighborhood, the house must be designed by the developer – Sweden House. Blocks of land in the new West area range in size from 400 ~ 1079 sqm and are priced between 11.8 ~ 31 million Yen, with the majority of the land sites priced around 14 million Yen (180,000 USD). Building regulations apply such as a maximum height of 10m, and no building within 3m of the footpath and within 4m from the boundary.

House 1

Price: 23,800,000 Yen
Land: 644.87 sqm
House: 179.10 sqm

23,800,000 Yen 

House 2

Price: 25,800,000 Yen
Land: 439.99 sqm
House: 195.00 sqm

25,800,000 Yen

Holiday Rentals

You can also rent a holiday house for 2 weeks to a month. The houses are fully furnished and have internet access.

2 Week Rental

Summer: 128,750 Yen
Winter: 143,750

3 Week Rental

Summer: 153,500 Yen
Winter: 171,500 Yen

1 month Rental

Summer: 170,000 Yen
Winter: 190,000 Yen

Holiday Rental House Y 2-Bedrooms

Holiday Rental House N 1-Bedroom + Tatami room 


Sweden Hills, Tobetsu Town, Ishikari District, Hokkaido

– 30km from Sapporo City Center
– 70km from New Chitose Airport

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3 Responses to Sweden Hills, Hokkaido

  1. Lars-Olof Eriksson says:

    Home, just like home… Now I know where to go next time I`m in Japan because there sister town is Leksand, and I was born in that city.

    The prices are quite good too, compering too Swedish house prices of that type of houses.

    I was checking photos from celebrating om swedish midsommar, very nice photos.

  2. Looks just like home! (Mölnlycke, Sweden)
    Imagine living there… It would be just like home until you step out of the door. A cool way to travel :)


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