MUJI converts 100-yr old farmhouse into holiday rental

Home goods retailer MUJI’s operating company Ryohin Keikaku has converted a traditional kominka farmhouse into a short-term stay. Muji Base Kamogawa is the first of the Muji Base-branded accommodations targeting vacant ‘akiya’ and can be found on AirBnb.Read more

Yuzawa's troubled resort apartments now experiencing a renaissance

The collapsing market for Yuzawa’s cheap ski condos, where a one-bedroom apartment could be purchased for 100,000 Yen (US$760), might have bottomed out, with one local broker reporting that monthly inquiries have doubled since the pandemic started.

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Japan’s most expensive resort towns

Wondering where the most expensive resort areas are in Japan? According to a ranking by proptech company PriceHubble on September 20, 2022, the beachside town of Hayama in Kanagawa Prefecture is top of the list with an average price of 410,000 Yen/sqm.


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Niseko sees over 20 billion Yen a year in real estate sales

A 2.5-year closure to inbound travel hasn’t slowed investment in Niseko’s ski resort market with the Nikkei Shimbun reporting that the ‘Aspen of Asia’ has seen over 20 billion Yen (approx. US$138 million) in known real estate purchases by foreigners each year. The very recent weakening of the Yen this year is said to be contributing further to demand.

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Aoshima is Kyushu's latest real estate hotspot

The small beachside area of Aoshima, in the southern end of Miyazaki City, is experiencing what local reporters are calling a real estate bubble.

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Japan’s first hotel-condominium* to be built in Hakone

On April 8, The Sankei Building Company, Tokyu Land Corporation, and Relo Vacations announced a hotel-condominium project for the Sengokuhara district in Hakone. This is the first hotel-condominium project in Japan to utilize the Home-Sharing Business Act (aka the Minpaku law) introduced in June 2018.

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Subscription-type cabins open by Lake Yamanaka

A subscription-type holiday home development near Lake Yamanaka at Mt. Fuji opened on March 4. The 14 contemporary cabins are spread across a 13,000 sqm site and are a 10-minute walk from the shore.

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