Supply of new apartments in Tokyo shrinking

According to the Real Estate Economic Institute, 4,641 new apartments were released for sale across greater Tokyo in March, up 75.1% from February but down 9.7% from March 2013. This is the second month in a row where the apartment supply has fallen below the level from last year.

Since Spring in 2013, demand for new apartments has exceeded developer expectations and supply is starting to run short. The current stock of 3,828 apartments at the end of March is about half of the normal level for greater Tokyo. Continue reading

Secondhand apartment sales in March – REINS

According to REINS, 3,994 secondhand apartments were sold across greater Tokyo in March, up 20.6% from the previous month and up 4.3% from March 2013. The average sale price was 26,650,000 Yen, down 1.0% from February but up 2.7% from last year.

The average price per square meter was 416,600 Yen, down 200 Yen from February but up 4.9% from last year. The average apartment age was 19.40 years and the average apartment size was 63.96 sqm (688 sqft).

The Tokyo Metropolitan area saw 1,983 apartments sold, up 20.9% from February and up 6.1% from last year.  Continue reading

Office vacancy rates in March – Miki Shoji

According to Miki Shoji’s office report, the office vacancy rate in Tokyo’s five central business districts (Chiyoda, Chuo, Minato, Shinjuku and Shibuya) was 6.70% in March, down 0.31 points from the previous month and down 1.86 points from March 2013. This is the first time since May 2009 that vacancy rates have dropped to the 6% range.

The vacancy rate in brand new buildings was 20.26%, up 0.61 points from the previous month but down 2.98 points from last year.  Continue reading

Residential yields and vacancy rates in Minato-ku – April 2014

According to real estate listing site Homes, the average gross yield on an apartment in Minato-ku in April was 5.4%, down 0.1 points from March. The average gross yield across Tokyo was 7.2%, down 0.1 points.

The vacancy rate remains unchanged at 9.9% across Minato-ku and 11.0% across Tokyo.

The average asking price of a secondhand apartment in Minato-ku was 781,143 Yen/sqm as of April 1, up 0.1% from the previous month. The average asking price for land was 1,113,333 Yen/sqm, up 4.6%. Continue reading

Growing market for secondhand apartments, but concerns linger

New secondhand apartment sales Tokyo 2003 2013

Despite the preference that Japanese have for all things new, secondhand apartments are growing in popularity and more and more developers are getting involved in renovations and apartment flipping.

According to REINS, 36,432 secondhand apartments were sold in greater Tokyo in 2013, up 16% from the previous year. Over the same period, 44,886 new apartments were sold, up 29% from 2012.

There are three main reasons for the recent growth in the secondhand apartment market:  Continue reading

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