MUJI converts 100-yr old farmhouse into holiday rental

Home goods retailer MUJI’s operating company Ryohin Keikaku has converted a traditional kominka farmhouse into a short-term stay. Muji Base Kamogawa is the first of the Muji Base-branded accommodations targeting vacant ‘akiya’ and can be found on AirBnb.Read more

Heritage-listed house in Hokkaido hits the market

An historic merchant house in Hokkaido has apparently been listed for sale for just 30 million Yen (US$210,000). The heritage-listed Yokoyama Residence was built in the 1860s and later.

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Gallery with 180-yr old tatami room opens in Kanagawa

Some old things deserve to be preserved and that is the thinking behind a newly-opened art gallery in Kanagawa's Fujisawa City that features a 180-year-old tatami room as part of its gallery space.

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Historic home in Kagoshima to be demolished

A historic and heritage-listed home in Kagoshima City will be demolished by the end of this year after a six-year attempt to save it.

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Less than 3% of Kyoto's machiya avoid demolition

A recent attempt by Kyoto City to save its historic machiya townhouses has only resulted in 5 out of 170 properties avoiding demolition. Back in 2016, a survey found that as many as 800 traditional machiya townhouses in Kyoto were being demolished each year. With an estimated 40,000 machiya in the city, they could vanish within the next 50 years, leaving no trace of the city’s merchant past.

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Samurai school sold to Tokyo buyer

The operator of a funeral home group has sold a samurai-style school and tourism facility in Fukushima to an individual in Tokyo.

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93-yr old bathhouse being demolished

Demolition of a historic and famous bathhouse in Kitasenju began on March 10. Daikoku-yu was one of Tokyo's leading examples of the 'miya-tsukuri' style of architecture often used for palaces, shrines, and temples, but also popular for larger bathhouses.

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