Setagaya has the largest number of akiya (empty homes) in Japan

On a city/town/district level, Setagaya ward in Tokyo has the highest number of empty homes, or akiya, in Japan. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, there were an estimated 49,070 empty homes in Setagaya as of a 2018 survey, representing 10.4% of total housing stock. Neighboring Ota ward was in second place nationwide with 48,080 empty homes, and a 14.8% vacant house ratio.

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Tokyo Land Prices in June

Based on current market prices, the average price of a 100sqm (1,076sqft) piece of land in Tokyo is as follows:


Minato-ku (188 plots)
100sqm = 129,849,000 Yen

Shibuya-ku (306 plots)
100sqm = 98,725,000 Yen

Meguro-ku (296 plots)
100sqm = 73,834,000 Yen

Setagaya-ku (1,431 plots)
100sqm = 63,590,000 Yen

The above data is sourced from the Homes database of land currently for sale. This data is current for June 1, 2010.

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