Modernist theatre demolition delayed due to rising construction costs

Rising construction costs might have granted the National Theatre an inadvertent temporary reprieve of demolition. The 57-year old modernist building was scheduled to meet with the wrecking ball sometime after the end of October.Read more

Kenzo Tange-designed gymnasium to be demolished

Despite the best efforts of preservation groups and years of deliberations by local government, the brutalist curved concrete Kagawa Prefectural Gymnasium is heading to demolition, with the prefecture setting aside a budget of 46 million Yen to tear down the landmark building.

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City steps in to preserve historic building in Amagasaki

A 120-year-old building in Amagasaki City has been saved from demolition with the owner donating the building for free to the city. The city will be acquiring the 3,000 sqm of land it sits on within the year.

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Historic school building in Ueno to be demolished

The 94-year-old former Shitaya Elementary School in Ueno will be demolished by Taito ward sometime in 2023. This was one of the ‘revival elementary schools’ built after the devastating 1923 Great Kanto earthquake.

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Imperial Theatre to be demolished

The Teigeki, or Imperial Theatre, in Marunouchi will temporarily close in 2025 as the building undergoes redevelopment.

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Brutalist gymnasium’s future still unclear 

The Kenzo Tange-designed Kagawa Prefectural Gymnasium may be tumbling closer to demolition as earthquake-retrofitting seems to be more challenging and costly than anticipated.

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Historic home in Kagoshima to be demolished

A historic and heritage-listed home in Kagoshima City will be demolished by the end of this year after a six-year attempt to save it.

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