Foreign fund in talks to buy Huis Ten Bosch theme park

On July 21, the Nikkei Shimbun newspaper reported that Travel giant H.I.S. is in talks to sell its Huis Ten Bosch (HTB) theme park in Sasebo, Nagasaki, to a Hong Kong-based fund. The same day that the news broke, H.I.S. issued a press release stating that this information was not announced by the travel company and that there was no official decision on selling their shares in the park.

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Hokkaido sees 12% more offshore investors between 2019 and 2020

A survey by public broadcaster NHK has found that the there were 4,406 buildings and land parcels in Hokkaido owned by foreign funds and corporations as of January 2020. This is a 12% increase from 2019. Even with the international travel bans, some industry experts say acquisitions have continued throughout 2020 as foreign investors are confident that things will return to normal post-covid.

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Foreign buyers of real estate in Japan still lack adequate support from agents

As a foreign buyer of real estate in Japan, whether living abroad or in the country, you may find that there are only a small number of real estate agencies that are capable and experienced in working with foreign clients. Even if the language barrier is not an issue, finding an agent who has worked with foreigners and can understand and explain the key differences and intricacies about Japan’s property market is essential.

We have heard of nightmare stories from buyers who have purchased properties without receiving full explanations or even incorrect explanations of property details, resulting in some very bad investments. With a growing number of foreign buyers, these bad practices are only going to increase.

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