Ninja house in Aomori looking for buyer

The owner of an Edo-era ninja house in Hirosaki City, Aomori, is looking to sell their traditional home. Ideally, the owner would like to find a buyer who wants to preserve the historic home. If not, they may have to demolish it due to the high cost of maintenance. 

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Owner of abandoned hotel on Lake Towada sued by government

The Japanese government has sued the owner of a derelict hotel in Aomori Prefecture to demolish the building and return the state-owned land. The Towada Kanko Hotel sits on the shores of Lake Towada. It was founded in 1950 before closing in 2012. The owner filed for bankruptcy in 2014. 

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Starbucks opens store in historic former home in Aomori

Starbucks Hirosaki Koenmae

On April 22, Starbucks will open a store in a heritage listed building in Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture. This is the first Starbucks store in the city, and the first Starbucks store to be located in a local government owned property.  Starbucks Japan operates over 1,000 stores across the country, including four in Aomori Prefecture.

The Hirosaki Koen-mae Store will open in a building that was built in 1917 as the official residence of the Commander of the 8th Division in the Imperial Japanese Army. It was designed by Hikosaburo Horie, the eldest son of Sakichi Horie who was a carpenter that worked on many of the western-style residences built in Aomori during the Meiji period.Read more

Foreclosed Aomori shrine for just 1 million Yen

The Hirosaki Toshogu Shinto Shrine in Hirosaki City, Aomori, is being put up sale as the shrine owners undergo bankruptcy proceedings.

The administrators announced that they are in negotiations with a Tokyo-based real estate company to sell the main shrine for just 1 million Yen (12,700 USD).Read more