Akita Prefecture to have its first condominium project in 6 years

The development site.

Next year, Akita Prefecture will see the completion of its first condominium development since 2010. Akita is the only prefecture in Japan to have had no new condominium developments in the past six years.

Demand for housing is low for the prefecture, which is suffering from the fastest population decline in the country. A shrinking population and growing construction costs make the area unattractive to developers.

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Former art museum to be donated to Akita City

Former Akita Prefectural Art Museum 1

On September 3, the Akita Prefectural Governor announced plans to donate the former Akita Prefectural Art Museum to Akita City.

Due to the building’s age and deterioration, the prefecture originally planned to demolish the 49-year old building. Akita City, however, have plans to repair and use the building. The estimated cost to repair and retrofit the building had earlier been estimated at over 1.1 billion Yen (9.2 million USD), while demolition would cost just 160 million Yen (1.3 million USD).

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Six hotels demand compensation from TEPCO

Six hotels in Akita Prefecture are seeking a total of 12.8 million Yen (166,000 USD) in compensation from TEPCO. The hotels claim that the nuclear power plant disaster has led to cancellations from foreign visitors, which has reduced their operating revenue.

The hotels are part of the Akita Prefecture Ryokan Association. The Association submitted the claim for compensation to TEPCO on their behalf. The claim by each hotel ranges from 120,000 to 5,200,000 Yen.

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