Park Court Akasaka Hinokicho The Tower sells-out despite record-high pricing

Park Court Akasaka Hinokicho The Tower 1

All apartments initially offered for sale in the Kengo Kuma-designed Park Court Akasaka Hinokicho The Tower, currently under construction near Tokyo Midtown, have sold out during the first stage of sales held over the past weekend. The building is now 93% sold. Over 1,000 bookings were made to visit the sales office's showroom in the lead up to the first round of sales.

Prices started from 155.6 million Yen (1.26 million USD) for a 57 sqm (613 sq.ft) 1-Bedroom unit, up to 1.5 billion Yen (12.2 million USD) for a 203 sqm (2,184 sq.ft), 3-Bedroom penthouse apartment. With a price of 7,354,000 Yen/sqm (5,500 USD/sq.ft), the 203 sqm apartment could possibly be the most expensive apartment to go on sale in Japan since the bubble era of the 1980s. Even penthouse apartments in Roppongi Hills have only reached 4 ~ 5 million Yen/sqm in recent years, while apartments in the Toranomon Hills complex are around 4 million Yen/sqm. Despite the strong pricing in the building, only the 203 sqm penthouse unit has two full bathrooms, while the rest of the apartments in the building have 1 bathroom each.Read more

Details of Akasaka’s 44-storey condominium announced

Details on Park Court Akasaka Hinokicho The Tower (previously the Akasaka 9 Chome Tower Project) have just been released. The 170m tall, 44-storey condominium, which was designed by Nikken and famed architect Kengo Kuma, is currently under construction on the northern side of Tokyo Midtown.

The high-rise will contain 322 apartments, of which just 163 (50%) will be available for sale. The remainder will go to landholders and participants of the development. The two and three-bedroom apartments will range in size from 57.61 ~ 203.96 sqm (620 ~ 2,195 sq ft). Layouts are cleverly designed and do not contain any windowless bedrooms that you may find in cheaper developments. The largest apartment, a 203 sqm penthouse, includes two full bathrooms, while the rest of the apartments have 1 bathroom.

Sales will begin in September October November 2015 . Prices have yet to be announced, but with apartments in other recent high-rises in Akasaka selling for around 2,000,000 Yen/sqm, it is likely that we will see comparative pricing in this new project. There have been rumours that apartments could be priced as high as 3,000,000 Yen/sqm.Read more

Construction of Akasaka's latest high-rise to begin today

Taisei Corporation will begin construction of a 44-storey residential apartment tower in Akasaka 9 Chome from today.

The Akasaka 9 Chome North District Redevelopment is located on the northern side of Tokyo Midtown. The 4,656 sqm site was originally a densely packed neighbourhood of two and three-storey wooden homes, a kindergarten and small park.

The new apartment building will be 170m tall with 322 apartments and 44 floors. It will be taller than Akasaka Tower Residence (159m), Park Court Akasaka The Tower (157m) and Roppongi Hills Residence B Tower (156m).Read more

New 44-storey apartment building for Akasaka

Akasaka 9 Chome North District Redevelopment 2
The original design, which has since been changed.

The Akasaka 9 Chome North District Redevelopment is scheduled to begin construction in October 2014 with completion in March 2017. The project will include a 44-storey 170m tall residential building with 330 apartments.

The developer is Mitsui Fudosan Residential, so if this becomes a condominium (rather than a rental-only building) then it could possibly be branded as one of their 'Park Court' series of apartments. Read more