Same-day sell out in Harumi Flag high-rises

Apartments in the two high-rise towers in Harumi Flag went on sale earlier this month. A total of 8,790 purchase applications were made on the 573 apartments released for sale, with an average of 15.3 applications per apartment. Lucky buyers were selected via a raffle system.Read more

Why Tokyo’s real estate prices did not crash post-Olympics

Over the past few years, more than a few people told us that property prices in Tokyo were artificially inflated by the coming Olympics and that they were going to wait until the games were over to ‘pick up a bargain’. Since the announcement of the Olympics, there were frequent opinion pieces that predicted property prices would crash immediately after the Olympics.

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Apartment sales in Athletes' Village to resume this fall

Sales of the apartments in the Athletes’ Village are expected to resume this fall or later, once the Olympics wraps up.

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Athletes Village buyers file claim with Tokyo District Court

As many as 20 buyers of apartments in the Harumi Flag (Athlete’s Village) project have filed a petition for conciliation with the Tokyo District Court seeking compensation due to the delayed move-in date.

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Sales in Harumi Flag on hold

On March 30, Jiji Press reported that off-the-plan sales in Harumi Flag have been temporarily suspended and the sales showroom closed. The large-scale condo complex on a manmade island in Tokyo Bay was initially planned to be used as the Athletes Village for the 2020 Olympics, but the postponement of the games has thrown a wrench into the scheduling of the post-Olympic refurbishment of the apartments. 

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Why an Olympic delay could spell disaster for Athletes Village buyers

The discussion of delaying or even canceling the 2020 Tokyo Olympics has become a hot topic in recent weeks and has led to some questions about what will happen to the buyers of the 4,145 apartments in Harumi Flag - the condos that will be refurbished from the Athletes Village.

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Tokyo hotel pricing heats up for 2020 Olympics

Hotel Okura Tokyo

With less than a year to go until the 2020 Summer Olympics, accommodation options for visitors and volunteers are already extremely thin and price hikes have started. 

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