Mortgage stress on the rise

The Japan Housing Finance Agency (JHF) is reporting a surge in inquiries from borrowers who are struggling to make home loan repayments in the current crisis. As economic conditions worsen amidst the coronavirus pandemic a growing number of companies are laying off workers or reducing hours and pay. Household finances are being stretched to the limit, putting some borrowers in a precarious situation. 

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Suruga Bank restarts investment lending

According to several real estate companies, Suruga Bank has restarted lending on investment properties. Two years have passed since the bank found itself at the center of questionable lending schemes that saw it providing finance to over 1,200 investors in a wide-spread share house investment scam. The scandal saw the bank slapped with a six month ban on investment lending by the Financial Services Agency.

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Flat 35 Home Loan Report for 2018

On July 12, the Japan Housing Finance Agency released its annual report on Flat 35 home loans. The report gives us a look at what type of homes people are buying and how much they are spending on them. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting changes in borrowing that have taken place over the past 10 years.

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