Kyoritsu Maintenance, an operator of hotels, aged-care, and student accommodations, is planning to acquire a 68-room resort hotel from Minamiaso Village in Kumamoto. The goal behind the purchase is to provide a hotel targeting the staff and family of the new semiconductor factories being built nearby.

Hotel Greenpia Minamiaso is a village-owned property and is a 30 minute drive from the Kumamoto Airport, which offers international flights between Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong. It was built in 1986 under a government initiative that saw the development of 13 ‘Green Pia’ health retreats nationwide. Minamiaso acquired the property from the national government in 2004 for approximately 270 million Yen, and leased it to the Minamiaso Country Club.

Kumamoto is in the midst of a semiconductor boom, with Sony, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), Mitsubishi Electric, ROHM, SUMCO, Kyocera, and Tokyo Electron Limited all in the process of building or upgrading factories. With relations strained between the US and China, Japan has emerged as a safe destination for semiconductor manufacturing. Kyushu has been one of the top destinations for this investment as it offers necessary infrastructure in terms of water, electricity, and solar power.

Source: TV Kumamoto, December 29, 2023.