A 170-meter tall mixed-use redevelopment may soon be going ahead for a multi-block site in Akihabara. To move forward with project planning, the required two-thirds approval was obtained from landowners last month.

The Sotokanda 1 Chome South District covers a 1.9 hectare site located just west of Akihabara Station on a triangular-shaped site sandwiched between the Sobu Line train tracks and Kanda River. It’s currently filled with numerous pencil buildings containing electronics and trading card shops.

Plans are for several buildings, including one to be around 170m tall, including hotel, office, retail and apartments.

Redevelopment discussions have been ongoing since 2003, with a preparation committee finally established in 2015. There has been some opposition from local landowners, some who are concerned that a high-rise would lack the subculture character that the Akihabara electric town has historically been known for.

The Yomiuri Shimbun, November 1, 2023.
The Tokyo Shimbun, September 28, 2023.