Tokyo’s population has risen to a record high for the past 4 months in a row, reaching 14.09 million in August. This is the population of the Tokyo metropolitan area which includes the densely populated 23 wards, along with the cities to the west and island communities.

Most of the population growth has been in the central and eastern parts of the 23 wards. 

As of August 1, the population of the metropolitan area grew by 60,902 residents compared to 12 months prior. However, the growth in the 23 wards exceeded this, recording an increase of 62,808 residents. This is due to a shrinking population in west Tokyo and further concentration in the more urbanized and convenient wards. 

Koto ward saw the highest year-on-year increase in population with 7,287. The central ward of Minato was in second spot with an increase of 5,111. 

As the pandemic winds down and remote work hits a ceiling, residents are returning to the capital. In May 2023, the population in the metropolitan area hit the highest level seen since May 2020, reaching 14.08 million residents. 

Source: Tokyo Metropolitan Government Statistics Division.