On February 15, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government approved the land rights conversion plan for the Nishiazabu 3 Chome North-East District Redevelopment. This project will see a 54-story mixed-use high-rise built on a 1.6-hectare block across the street from Roppongi Hills.

Demolition of the existing buildings is expected to start sometime this year, with the new project tentatively scheduled for completion in 2028.

Development discussions began back in 2004, with the TV Asahi Street in front of the project in need of road widening for use by emergency vehicles in the event of a disaster. Also, many of the existing buildings within the project site do not meet current earthquake standards.

The new building will contain approximately 500 apartments, including those given to land-right holders, office space, retail, and an internationally-branded hotel. The site includes a temple and cemetery. While the cemetery will not be touched, the old temple will be replaced with a new 17-meter tall one. 

With a proposed height of around 200 meters, it will be taller than the nearby Roppongi Hills Residence (160m), but shorter than Roppongi Hills Mori Tower (238m).

Source: Nomura Real Estate Development and Ken Corporation News Release, February 15, 2023.