Construction has officially started for the Tsukishima 3 Chome North District Town Redevelopment which will see a 58-story apartment building on a prime site alongside Monja Street.

The project includes the 199-meter tall tower, containing 1,285 apartments, retail, childcare, and nursing home facilities, along with two 6 and 7-story low-rise buildings containing 56 apartments and disabled-care facilities. 

Completion of the 85 billion Yen (approx. US$600 million) project is tentatively scheduled for 2026. Participating developers include Sumitomo Realty & Development, Tokyo Tatemono, Daiwa House, and Funenkousha. The redevelopment committee was formed back in 2011.

The 1-hectare site covers several city blocks once filled with rows of old two-story wooden shophouses. Not too long ago these row houses were a common site on this manmade island but becoming increasingly fewer in number as high-rise redevelopments continue. 

As charming and sentimental as these old streetscapes may be, they do pose a fire risk in the event of a disaster, and the narrow laneways are inaccessible by emergency vehicles.

Source: Daiwa House News Release, November 7, 2022.