Sales in The Parkhouse Gran Sanbancho 26, the latest luxury condo for Chiyoda’s Bancho neighborhood, kicked off last week. This is the 8th project under Mitsubishi Jisho Residence’s ‘The Parkhouse Gran’ series of high-end apartment offerings.

40 apartments were released for sale in the first round held last weekend, with prices ranging from 141 million ~ 1.158 billion Yen (approx. US$980,000 ~ $8 million). The largest apartment was a three-bedroom, two-bathroom unit with a total floor size of 237.69 sqm (2,558 sq.ft). A total of 68 purchase applications were made on the 40 apartments on offer, with the most popular apartment receiving 6 applications.

A 237.69 sqm (2,558 sq.ft) apartment priced at 1.158 billion Yen.

The average sale price in the building is around 3 million Yen per square meter (approx. US$1,940/sq.ft), making it the most expensive new condo developed by Mitsubishi to date. The sales office opened in July and received around 2,700 inquiries and 270 showroom tours. Most of the interested buyers are residents of Chiyoda and neighboring Minato ward, with foreign interest accounting for around 10%. 

Ceiling heights range from 2.75 ~ 3 meters. Apartments on the Executive Floors on floors 15 ~ 17 will have Mitsubishi’s Aerotech central heating/cooling systems. Lighting in the shared areas will adjust tone and brightness depending on the time of day. There will be a bilingual concierge menu and a 24hr onsite caretaker. Apartments also have their own exclusive garbage disposal lockers that, depending on the unit type, may be accessible from within the apartment via a double-door by the apartment entrance.

Only 5 of the 102 apartments will have their own flat car parking spaces, with 61 machine-type parking spaces available for the remaining building residents. 

The 60-meter tall, 17-story building is on the western side of the Imperial Palace and an 8-minute walk from Hanzomon and Ichigaya Stations. Completion is scheduled for late September 2024.

Directly across the laneway on the eastern side, Mitsui Fudosan Residential is constructing a 60-meter tall, 18-story apartment building with completion potentially scheduled for mid-2024. This site was previously home to the mansion of the founder of Hayakawa Publishing.


26 Sanbancho, Chiyoda, Tokyo

Source: R.E.port, September 13, 2022.