Osaka temple up for foreclosure

A famed temple in Osaka with a history going back over 1,000 years has been put up for a foreclosure auction to be held this month.

According to the foreclosure documents issued by the Osaka District Court, the temple priest ran into financing issues when planning to develop an aged-care facility on the site a few years ago. To save the temple from foreclosure at the time, they were approached by someone who advised them to temporarily transfer ownership under the promise that it would be transferred back to them. The new owner did not return ownership, instead, selling the property. The priest had filed a criminal complaint with the police department. The new owner had also attempted to forcibly evict the priest from the property, with the priest calling the police.  

The historic temple was founded in the year 939. Between 1989 and 2002 it provided the accommodation for the Naruto stable of sumo wrestlers for the Osaka Spring Tournament. Within the 3,700 sqm grounds is one of Osaka’s five lowest mountains. It is thought to be an ancient burial mound. 

Bidding is open from May 18 to May 24, with bids to be opened on May 30. Bidding starts at 266,360,000 Yen.

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