Sales in Toranomon Hills Residential Tower officially started on June 28, with two apartments over 3,000 sq.ft listed.

This is the 220 meter tall, 54 story fully residential tower next-door to Toranomon Hills. Construction was originally scheduled for completion by January 2021 but has been pushed back to January 2022, with occupancy to start from May 2022. The building will have a total of 553 apartments, which will be a mix of rental-only and condo-type units. It appears only 4 apartments will be made available for purchase as indicated on the publicly released building outline.

Off-the-plan sales began earlier but on an invitation-only basis. Interested buyers must first fill in an online questionnaire in order to book an online sales explanation before they can submit a purchase application. Sales are subject to an evaluation of the buyer.

According to the publicly released sales information, the two units are on the sky suites located on floors 43 to 54. Both units have four bedrooms and three full bathrooms. A 314.91 sqm (3,388 sq.ft) unit on the north and west corner is priced at 1.42 billion Yen (approx. US$12.8 million), while a 379.12 sqm (4,079 sq.ft) unit on the south and east corner is priced at 2.5 billion Yen (approx. US$22.6 million). The price per square meter works out to 4.5 ~ 6.6 million Yen (approx. US$3,780 ~ 5,550/sq.ft).

The 40%+ difference in the price per square meter of these two apartments may be due to the direction they are facing. The southern exposure will get the most natural light and have unobstructed views of Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Bay (although those views are not guaranteed), while the northern corner will look towards the Toranomon Hills building nearby, and the still-under-construction 265m tall Toranomon Hills Station Tower.

Ceiling heights are up to 2,700mm. Residents will have access to the gallery library on the 1st floor, an exclusive resident-only restaurant open from morning to night, the Toranomon Hills Spa on the 2nd and 3rd floors, guest suites on the 41st floor, a 210 sqm party lounge on the 41st floor, bilingual concierges available 24hrs a day, and valet. Sky Suite Residents have access to their own bilingual concierges on the 42nd floor Sky Suite Reception, their own private entrance on the 1st floor with additional concierge and security, and a private lounge on the 42nd floor serving coffee, drinks and food from the restaurant downstairs.

This is on par for the market pricing of luxury housing in central Tokyo these days. Second-hand apartments in the 18-year old Roppongi Hills Residence towers are around 3 ~ 4 million per square meter and that’s with 18-year old interiors and a lot less floor space. A 126 sqm three-bedroom, one-bathroom unit in the neighboring Toranomon Hills Residence (2014) building is currently listed for 4.1 million Yen/sqm.