One of the more well-known expressways in downtown Tokyo is about to be converted into an elevated pedestrian promenade and greenway, similar to the High Line park in New York City.

Tentatively named Tokyo Sky Corridor, the Tokyo metropolitan government aims to have this pedestrian park in Ginza completed sometime between 2030 and 2040.

The corridor will replace the Tokyo Expressway, also known as the KK Expressway – a 2-kilometer semicircular route that winds its way around Ginza. The idea for the expressway began in 1951 as part of Ginza’s post-war revival plan and to alleviate congestion on surrounding expressways. Built atop reclaimed rivers, the expressway partially reopened in 1959 and was fully completed by 1966. There are no tolls. Instead, tenant rents from the retail stores below the road go towards maintenance and operating costs.

There are a total of 10 tenant buildings underneath the expressway, including Ginza Corridor Street, Ginza Inz, and Ginza Five, with a total floor area of 100,000 sqm.

With the expressway above the Nihonbashi river going underground by 2035, the KK Expressway in Ginza will no longer be needed.