Katsuyama City in Fukui Prefecture will be acquiring a home designed by Pritzker Prize-winner Arata Isozaki. The two-story concrete ‘S Residence’ has a total floor area of 142 sqm (1,528 sq.ft) and was built in 1986.

The current owner of the house had approached city officials to sell the house. The expected value is between 6 ~ 8 million Yen (approx. 56,000 ~ 74,000 USD) for the land only, with the house to be provided at no charge. 

The house is located next door to the Katsuyama City Hall. It is expected that the house may be preserved and used for public purposes, but there is a chance it could also become a car park in the future. 

Isozaki has designed two buildings in Katsuyama – this house and the nearby Nakagami Residence Isozaki Hall (1983).


Motomachi 1 Chome, Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture

Source: The Fukui Shimbun, September 20, 2019.