June house and apartment data from AtHome

AtHome announced the latest price data on new and secondhand homes and apartments across greater Tokyo for the month of June 2012.

— New houses —

In the greater Tokyo area (Tokyo 23-ku, West Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama), the average listing price of a brand new house was 31,580,000 Yen, down 3% from June 2011. This is the 5th continuous month of decline, however listing prices were up 0.5% from May.

The average transaction price on new homes was 32,330,000 Yen, down 0.2% from June 2011. In Tokyo’s 23-ku, the average transaction price fell 6.1% to 42,320,000 Yen.

The average size of land (with house) purchased in the 23-ku was 79.57 sqm, and the average house size was 92.63 sqm.

— Secondhand apartments —

The average listing price of a secondhand apartment in greater Tokyo fell 6.4% to 21,330,000 Yen in June, while the average transaction price increased by 1.7% to 20,780,000 Yen.

In Tokyo’s 23-ku, the average transaction price increased by 5.8% from June last year to 25,930,000 Yen. In West Tokyo, prices increased by 10.8% to 22,740,000 Yen, but in Saitama Prefecture they dropped by 17.9% to 13,900,000 Yen.

In Tokyo, 71.3% of secondhand apartment purchases priced under 30 million Yen.

The average prices paid per square meter in June 2012 (and the change from June 2011) are as follows:

  • Tokyo 23-ku: 458,700 Yen (-1.7%)
  • West Tokyo: 328,600 Yen (+5.7%)
  • Kanagawa: 309,700 Yen (-0.6%)
  • Saitama: 205,100 Yen (-19.1%)
  • Chiba: 215,900 (-8.9%)

The average size of an apartment purchased (and age) in June 2012:

  • Tokyo 23-ku: 56.53 sqm (23.7 years)
  • West Tokyo: 69.20 sqm (17.4 years)
  • Kanagawa: 64.70 sqm (19.7 years)
  • Saitama: 67.79 sqm (20.1 years)
  • Chiba: 76.10 sqm (21.8 years)
The full report can be downloaded here (in Japanese): http://athome-inc.jp/pdf/market/12073001.pdf

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