Residents suing Mitsui over liquefaction damage

Approximately 32 residents from Urayasu City, Chiba, are suing Mitsui Fudosan for 700 million Yen after their townhouses were damaged by liquefaction during the Tohoku earthquake.

The residents live in the Park City Townhouse III estate in Irifune 3 Chome that was developed by Mitsui Fudosan in 1981. According to the lawsuit, the homes began to lean and gardens suffered from land subsidence. Underground gas and water pipes also ruptured. A total of 32 of the homes suffered large-scale destruction, 28 suffered partial destruction and 10 suffered partial damage.

Since the 1964 Niigata earthquake, more attention was give to the high risks of liquefaction in reclaimed land. Despite this knowledge, the counter-measures against liquefaction in this Urayasu neighborhood were insufficient.

A public housing complex on an adjoining block did not suffer any liquefaction damage as proper land preparation measures were following when it was built.

A representative from Mitsui Fudosan said they had not received details of the case so they were not able to comment.

Source: NHK, February 2, 2012.

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