Japan’s portable “tsunami shelter”

A Japanese home-builder, Kimidori Kenchiku, has invented a tsunami-proof shelter that is shaped like a soccer ball and is capable of holding up to 5 adults. The company said that they developed the product as a way to increase future survival rates after seeing the devastating effects of the March 11 tsunami.

The “Baria 4S” was displayed at the 33rd Japan Home & Building Show in Tokyo in 2011 and was a recipient of a Good Design Award.

The watertight capsule is designed to float and can be picked up by a rescue ship, although it is still under testing for such conditions. Ventilation is solar-powered. The pod has a 1.8m diameter and weighs 500 kilograms.

The asking price for one tsunami pod is 1,575,000 Yen (20,200 USD).

The Baria 4S on display at the home show


This is not the only tsunami-shelter available. Other companies have also started developing similar products:

Bosai Shelter Noah by New Cosmopower. Capacity: 4 ~ 6 adults.Price range: 315,000 ~ 471,450 Yen (4000 ~ 6000 USD)
Trial tsunami shelter by Ikeda Kensetsu


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